2023 Pilot Arrival and Departure Procedures

2024 procedures to be developed in Spring

Be sure to check NOTAMS Aug 15-20 for latest information

Quick facts

  • Airshow waiver time Saturday August 19 1900-2300 local
  • Runway 11/29 closed
  • No Tower. Use CTAF and normal procedures
  • Arriving, exit 16/34 west onto Bravo taxiway
  • Taxi south on Bravo
  • Look for possible parking frequency on large signage near B3 intersection
  • At the end of Bravo, turn northwest on Charlie
  • Display your ticket in window for escort scooters to see.
  • Expect scooter escort near C3
  • Departing, contact SkyFest parking prior to startup
  • Pilots may depart on Saturday after the airplane airshow but before the balloon glow – you must contact the parking tower during the airshow to advise your departure intentions.
  • Consult the full procedures on this page and the arrival/departure illustration

Arrival/Departure Illustration

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Arlington (KAWO) is an uncontrolled airport and there is no airport control tower planned for 2023 SkyFest. Normal airport arrival and departure procedures will remain in effect.

All aircraft event parking is on the west side of the main runway 16/34 and admission is obtained by prepaid tickets. Tickets can be purchased here. Aircraft landing exit 34/16 on Bravo taxiway side, proceed south to Charlie1, thence down Charlie, where you will be met by scooter/flagger escort to parking. [ see illustration]

Initial arrivals start Friday after 12:00 Noon when the aircraft campground opens. Friday evening camper activities are planned. Skyfest Parking remains open till late Sunday afternoon.

SkyFest activities start Sat 12:00 noon – 11:00pm on airport west side of taxiway Bravo. See the schedule for details.

Arlington Airport Community Day Sun 10:00 am – 3:00pm on east side of AWO airport. Transportation will be available between SkyFest and the Airport Day Activities on Sunday.

Be sure to check latest AWO NOTAMs for Aug 15 thru 20 for latest information.

For west side operations beyond taxiway Bravo and north of Charlie there will be direction signs and scooters/flaggers to coordinate aircraft traffic leading to parking areas. Runway 11/29 will be closed by notam and marked with lighted large Xs. See flight restriction times in NOTAM for airshow times and any other operational data. Remain vigilant for pilots/personnel in the vicinity when starting and taxiing. A red flag above the parking tower means that the airport is closed to all aircraft operations, this is normally due to the airshow activities The red flag will normally appear in conjunction with the airshow; however, some emergency situations will also cause ground traffic on Skyfest grounds to be halted.


Have printed airshow ticket available in cockpit to display on pilot’s side upon arriving at C3. Upon landing turn off on the west taxiway Bravo and taxi to the sound end. Turn northwest on taxiway Charlie and proceed to intersection C3 and turn right into taxiway C3 and display your ticket to the scooters/flaggers Near C3 and you will be escorted to Parking.

No printer? If you have a tablet that can show your ticket number large and visible that’s all we really need. But if you can’t display your ticket, we will meet you at your aircraft to sort things out. We may need to park you in a temporary location depending on traffic.


Prior to startup contact parking tower and follow assigned flaggers/scooters to taxiway Delta adjacent to the parking. Five minutes before the airshow to the conclusion of the drone show the red flag will fly from the SkyFest parking tower. For safety reasons there will be no aircraft movements on SkyFest grounds during this time.

Pilots may depart on Saturday after the airplane airshow but before the balloon glow – you must contact the parking tower during the airshow to advise your departure intentions.

Please be advised an airshow waiver is in effect for a five-mile radius between 1900 and 2300 hours on Saturday.

Caution: there will be a short section of taxiway Delta where there is two-way traffic. Follow flaggers/scooters directions for sequencing. Continue on Taxiway Delta to Taxiway Bravo and follow normal airport operations monitoring the CTAF frequency and current AWO NOTAM.

Thank you for participating in SkyFest 2023 and have a safe flight.