Pilot Information & Procedures

Pilots may purchase tickets just prior to departure – there is plenty of room for your arrival!

If you are unable to purchase a ticket before departure, options are available on arrival as well.

Fuel: Arlington Flight Services 425-941-5482

A whole weekend of opportunities and Young Eagles

Enjoy SkyFest for the evening, or camp all weekend!

Aircraft arrivals are welcome at SkyFest 2023! We have an aircraft parking area where you can park and/or camp for as long as you wish during the weekend – it’s up to you!

Teaming up with Arlington Airport Community Fun Day Sunday, Young Eagles flights are planned right after SkyFest Saturday. 

So you can arrive and camp out with your friends on Friday, enjoy the show on Saturday and then also make a positive impression for tomorrow’s pilots on Sunday. All of it together in one great weekend!

Best of all, heavily discounted tickets for aircraft are good for the entire SkyFest event.

Sunday Young Eagles Flights

On August 20 the Arlington Airport Community FunDay will have Young Eagles flights!

EAA Pilot requirements are here

Interested in flying for Young Eagles? Contact Richard Morrisson at rdmorrisson /at/ hotmail dot c0m