Aerial Amazements

Watch aerobatic pilots at the top of their game perform amazing maneuvers while viewing from your own large drive-in space.  Also take advantage of our common areas, food trucks and displays

Colorful Balloons

Hot air balloons will grace the SkyFest stage and light-up their large, colorful envelopes to add to the twilight ambience.

Drones Synchronize

Watch as 100 lighted drones create patterns in the sky with amazing transitions, produced by Firefly Drone Shows.

Lighting up the sky
Saturday August 21!

The SkyFest begins before sunset, and continues into darkness with spectacular effects. Bring the family, a blanket and watch the show on the west side of Arlington Airport!

With less restrictions, even more fun!

With most health restrictions lifted as of June 30, and no masks required outdoors, feel free to walk our broad common spaces!

Visit a food truck (or two!) for a snack. See the displays of military vehicles. Examine up-close a replica of the famous Spirit of St Louis, which Charles Lindbergh flew solo across the Atlantic. Watch a movie at our large screen before the main activities. 

When it’s time for the show you can return to your parking space and sit in comfy lawn chairs you bring!
It will be a great family fun event.


Enjoy a great show in your own double-wide parking space

15’x30′ parking spaces include more than 450 square feet of space for you to park, setup a picnic, lawn chairs or whatever you would like to do! Our VIP section area is even larger, and closer to the action.

With most health restrictions lifted, you can also walk around to visit our food trucks and displays of military vehicles!

Pre-purchase tickets only. No sales at gate.

Brought to you by the Arlington Fly-in

We’re the same folks that run the Arlington Fly-In every year! We have responded to unique conditions and are planning a different type of event for a different type of time. We’re looking forward to a return of the Fly-In format in future years, but are really excited for this year’s Saturday SkyFest event and the Sunday Pilot Social!

Thank you to the generous support of the following sponsors

Care for a snack?  We got that!

The SkyFest will have several food trucks and vendors you can choose from in our common spaces.

Here and There by Chef Dane

Burgers, fries, BBQ pork sandwiches, mac-n-cheese, desserts and a special Skyfest Quencher lemonade!

Polish Cuisine on Wheels

Stuffed cabbage rolls, pierogi, polish hot dogs, kielbasa, and other polish specialties!

Yummy Box

Vegetarian stirfry noodles, chicken katsu, fish ‘n chips, tuna poke,  orange chicken and other favorites!

Hawaiian Shave Ice
Kettle Corn
Ice Cream Truck

Exact menu items and offerings subject to change

Frequently Asked Questions


No! Your car and any picnic setup is, but you are not! As health restrictions have lifted, you may absolutely visit common areas, food vendors, and walk to visit our displays at our outdoor event. Please respect other guest’s spaces.

Will there be food AND DRInKS?

Yes, there will be several food trucks for you to choose from. We also encourage everyone to bring a picnic, hydrating beverages and/or snack items. 

Can I choose my parking space and/or park next to my friends?

There are 3 general parking areas. Reserved spaces not available. First come, first parked. A vehicle must occupy each space. Groups of vehicles wishing to be together should plan to come through the gate together. Parking near someone specific is not assured. 

May I bring pets?

You may bring your pet, as long as it is restricted to your space. Please clean-up after your pet

Can I fly-In with my Airplane?

The east side festival grounds will be closed to aircraft arrivals on Saturday. Please drive-in, or enjoy our Sunday Pilot social event

How many people and vehicles can I bring with me?

Each space can have one vehicle and you may bring up to 8 people per vehicle.

Are masks required?

We will follow Health Department guidelines at the time of our event. Right now masks are not required for anyone outside!

Will Military vehicles be there?

Yes, there will be a smaller display of military vehicles.

Can i get a refund if it rains or I can’t come?

Weather conditions may dictate changes to advertised performances. We plan to offer as much of a show as possible rain or shine. All sales are final.

What are the ticket restrictions?

You must pre-purchase, no sales at the gates

Tickets need to be printed, or displayed on a large tablet (phones not OK)

Can i help out?

Yes! we are a 100% volunteer run organization. Please click the “Volunteer” menu item to sign-up!

Are there camping spaces?

We do not have a general  camping area in 2021

The Skyfest Store is Open

Tees, hoodies, iPhone cases, stainless tumblers, beach towels, tote bags and more are available!

Walt Disney Pictures – © 2013 Disney Enterprises, Inc.

Watch a movie before the show!

Our big screen movie area opens around 5pm 
Great for kids and adults alike

With most health restrictions lifted, you can walk around to visit our wide open common spaces, including our big screen movie area, featuring the animated movie “Planes”:

A cropdusting plane with a fear of heights lives his dream of competing in a famous around-the-world aerial race.

Schedule and movie title may be subject to change


How it works

Before you purchase tickets below, check out these details…

Our event is different this year. Please follow these steps to assure a great experience for your family and everyone.  We will have guest services monitoring to assure everyone’s safety and comfort.


Saturday is drive-in only

You will need to arrive in a road vehicle Saturday Aug 21. No walk ins or aircraft parking on Saturday. Pilots may fly in Sunday Aug 22


You must pre-purchase

You must have a pre-purchased ticket when you arrive at the gate. No sales at the gates and vehicles without tickets will be turned around.  All sales Final.


Print your ticket

To support contactless entry, please have your ticket ready to be scanned. Either print on paper or display with a large tablet (no phones) 


Arrive early, check your gate

Arrive early to avoid traffic. Please check your section and follow the directions on your ticket to arrive at your proper gate.  First come, first parked. A vehicle must occupy each parking space. 


Health restrictions have relaxed!

We will follow Health guidelines at the time of our event. On June 30 most restrictions lifted and masks are not required for anyone while outside! Enjoy our broad common spaces and enjoy your space during the show.  Please respect other guest’s spaces.


Enjoy and tune-in!

Enjoy the show, and make sure you have a FM radio to listen to the program narration and announcements. 

OK, ready to have some fun?