Enjoy our wide-open outdoor spaces!

Feel free to walk our broad common spaces. Plus you also have your own private space in your double-wide parking spot to setup your own tailgate HQ. Visit a food truck (or two!) for a snack. See the displays of military vehicles.

Watch a movie (or two!) at our large screen before the main activities. Have the kids enjoy simulators and a play park. When it’s time for the show you can return to your parking space and sit in comfy lawn chairs you bring! It’s a great family fun event. 

Be sure to grab your tickets now as they are pre-purchase only with no sales at the gates.

Community groups benefit

The Arlington SkyFest supports youth STEM education and other organizations in Snohomish County and beyond.

The Arlington Fly-In organization and SkyFest have supported community groups for decades via involvement and participation. Program sales, parking management, beer gardens and the like are run by groups that benefit directly from those activities. In 2022 a portion of our event proceeds, after expenses, is also earmarked for youth education and STEM organizations. 

Please thank our generous 2022 SkyFest sponsors

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Silver Level

Bronze Level

Friends of SkyFest

The 2022 SkyFest store is open!

Tees, hoodies, iPhone cases, stainless tumblers, beach towels, tote bags and more are available!

Frequently Asked Questions

Last updated 8/11/22


NO! Your car and any picnic setup is, but you are not! You may absolutely visit common areas, food vendors, and walk to visit our displays, kids areas, movies and drone arena at our outdoor event. Please respect other guest’s spaces.

Will there be food AND DRInKS?

YES! Double the amount of food trucks compared to last year!  We also encourage everyone to bring a picnic, hydrating beverages and/or snack items.  See the list>>>

Can I choose my parking space and/or park next to my friends?

There are 3 general parking areas and camping. Reserved spaces not available in any area. First come, first parked. A vehicle must occupy each space. Groups of vehicles wishing to be together should plan to come through the gate together. Parking near someone specific is not assured. 

May I bring pets?

You may bring your pet, as long as it is restricted to your space. Please clean-up after your pet.  Pilots flying in should keep pets at home as pets and spinning propellers in a highly dynamic environment with lots of airplanes is not a good mix.

Can i get a refund if it rains or I can’t come? What if an airplane I want to see does not appear?

Weather and technical conditions may dictate changes to advertised performances. We plan to offer as much of a show as possible rain or shine. All sales are final. No refunds.

Can I walk-In? Can my friends park somewhere else and walk in to meet me?

No. All people must arrive with you in your vehicle when you come through the gate. NO WALK IN attendance is available. All attendees must arrive in a vehicle with a pre-purchased ticket.


Unless there is a burn ban, you may bring a small manufactured propane grill as long as you have a fire extinguisher within reach at all times. The grill must have legs and be 2 ft off the ground. 

Can I bring my RV & Are there camping spaces?

YES! in 2022 we have a camping area that can support overnight stays. The campground opens Friday at noon and closes Sunday. Be sure to purchase a camping ticket.  no reserved spaces – first come, first parked.

What time should I arrive?

On Saturday gates and food options open at 12 noon. Entertainment areas start around 2-3 PM. Main show after 6 PM. Campgrounds open Friday. See the schedule for specifics. Tickets in the Green, Blue or Red areas do not have in-out privileges. please plan your arrival to accommodate your desired length of stay.

Are there exhibitors this year?

No, we do not have an exibitor area at this time.

What does “tailgate style” mean?

Think of our layout as a big area where everyone has the space to setup around their parked vehicle, with common areas and features all around you that you can walk to. Plus a great show above you!

Will Military vehicles be there?

Yes, there will be a display of military vehicles in our ‘Camp Adams” area

Can I fly-In with my Airplane?

YES! In 2022 we have an aircraft parking area for pilots to visit for an hour, a day or camp whole weekend

How many people and vehicles can I bring with me?

Each space can have one vehicle and you may bring up to 8 people per vehicle.  Please note health conditions at the time of our event may make us change this. 

Are masks required?

We will follow Health Department guidelines at the time of our event. Please be respectful of other people’s spaces.

Are there in-out privledges?

Yes/No.  You may come and go only if you have a camping or aircraft parking/camping ticket.  Tickets in the Green, Blue or Red areas do not have in-out privileges.  please plan your arrival to accommodate your desired length of stay.

What cars can park/ participate in the car show?

Usually, the classic/show car moniker applies to vehicles over 20 years old. Antique cars are over 45 years old, and vintage cars are built between 1919 and 1930.

Can we set up a canopy in our parking spot for shade?

Yes you may. However, we ask that if it blocks the view of anyone parked near you that you lower it when the airshow starts at 7 PM.