2022 SkyFest camping info & guidelines
for both road vehicles and aircraft

  • Camping is permitted in designated campgrounds only. No overnight camping is allowed in any parking lot.
  • Our campgrounds are “dry” No electricity, water or waste water hookups
  • Hot showers and hand wash stations are available in both camping areas. Keep in mind showers are private, but austere.
  • Please be considerate of fellow campers and social distancing.
  • Quiet time will be from 10 PM to 6 AM.
  • If there is a burn ban in effect, no fires will be allowed. Otherwise no open campfires or barrel fires. Only contained, manufactured propane barbecues and grills (with legs) are permitted in parking areas. Briquet or wood fires are allowed in campgrounds. You MUST have a working fire extinguisher accessible while in use. All camp stoves must be at least 2 feet off the ground, monitored while any flame is in use and a fire extinguisher or fire suppression device within reach.
  • Keep fire lanes open at all times.
  • Pilots are highly advised to not bring pets, as propellers and pets do not mix.
  • Pets are allowed in your vehicle camping space only. Only seeing-eye dogs, or animals used to assist disabled guests, are allowed elsewhere
  • The selling of unauthorized merchandise is not permitted.
  • All firearms are to be unloaded, locked with safety on and kept inside the vehicle at all times
  • Due to the close proximity of the grounds to the active taxiways and runway, no RC aircraft or drones can be flown
  • Unauthorized vehicles including ATVs, golf carts, motorized bikes, hoverboards, scooters or skateboards are NOT allowed on SkyFest Grounds. Disability or mobility devices are allowed,